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​                                                    GUARANTEE, CONTRACT AND BILL OF SALE

Buyer __________________________________________ Address. _______________________________

Phone _________________________________

Whelped ____ Litter No. _

Sire __ ____________________ A.K.C. No.

Dam __ A.K.C. No. _ __________

Price _______________________________________________ Date of Delivery ____ _______________

Full AKC registration [ ] Limited AKC registration [ ] Spay/neuter [ ]


1. The dog is purebred and eligible for registration with AKC. APPLICATION for AKC REGISTRATION will be supplied to the BUYER by the BREEDER/SELLER within 10 days of delivery/shipment of puppy (unless otherwise stated). BREEDER/SELLER reserves the right to require proof of spay/neuter before supplying AKC Registration papers to BUYER.
2. The puppy is healthy, has been wormed, and Desert Care Animal Hospital has administered the first vaccination for distemper, adenovirus 2, parainfluenza, parvovirus and caronavirus. The remaining immunizations and medicines are the responsibility of the BUYER for the health of this puppy.
3. The BUYER must confirm a claim of illness by a veterinarian examination within two (2) business days after receiving the puppy. The gestation period for parvovirus is eight to ten days; therefore, claims for parvovirus illness occurring more than eight days after receipt of the puppy will be the responsibility of the buyer. All claims of illness, verified by veterinarian report, must be reported to BREEDER/SELLER no later than ten days after receipt of the puppy. BREEDER/SELLER reserves the right to a second veterinarian's opinion. The puppy's health, including all veterinarian expenses, is the responsibility of the BUYER upon possession of the puppy.
4. BREEDER/SELLER guarantees Breed/Show male puppies to have both testicles descended by 16 weeks of age. Should both testicles not be descended by that time, The BUYER may do either of the following: (1) Return the puppy to the BREEDER/SELLER in good health for either a full refund of the purchase price or a replacement Breed/Show male puppy from a future litter; (2) Keep the puppy as a pet and, after presenting proof of neutering, receive a refund of $300.00 (the difference between a Breed/Show puppy and a pet puppy price).
5. The puppy is socialized to people and places to aid in smooth adjustment to the new home.
6. BREED/SHOW puppies are guaranteed to O.F.A. certify (if properly cared for, including veterinarian care, proper food, lodging, etc.) and will be replaced with a puppy of equal quality and sex if dysplasia occurs up to 26 months of age. BREEDER/SELLER reserves the right to take the non-certifying dog back at BUYER's expense (including return shipping expenses) before replacement or refund is made. All dogs returned to BREEDER/SELLER must be intact (not spayed or neutered) except by advance written agreement from BREEDER/SELLER. The BUYER must provide the BREEDER/SELLER with written results from O.F.A. and the dog's AKC papers. . If the BUYER wishes to keep the non-certifying dog as a pet, to be spayed or neutered, BREEDER/SELLER agrees to either refund the price difference ($300) between pet and breed/show quality upon receipt of spay/neuter proof, or, at BUYER'S option, to apply this amount to the purchase price of another BREED/SHOW quality puppy from a future litter.
7. Breed/Show puppies are judged by the BREEDER/SELLER, at time of sale, to have breed/show qualities only and there is no guarantee that, at maturity, the dog will be showable or that the dog will breed.
8. Pet puppies are sold with a limited registration and are not guaranteed to O.F.A. certify, but will be replaced up to 24 months of age if severe dysplasia occurs which requires the dog to be euthanized (Veterinarian verification required). BREEDER/SELLER is not responsible for any related veterinarian expenses.
9. The puppy cannot be euthanized without prior notification and consent from the BREEDER/SELLER.
10. It is agreed that under no circumstances will the BREEDER/SELLER pay for any surgery in all, or part, and not limited to: hip dysplasia, joint surgery, or any other medical or surgical needs. Failure to observe in a timely manner the requirements hereof, or failure to spay/neuter this puppy if hip dysplasia is in evidence, or sale or breeding of puppy prior to obtaining OFA clear certification, voids any obligations of the BREEDER/SELLER. BUYER will have no other rights, options or claim on the BREEDER/SELLER.
11. Replacement puppies will be of equal quality and sex bought subject to quality availability. This guarantee is not extended to replacement puppies and one replacement puppy, or the designated refund amount, satisfies this guarantee. BUYER will have no further claims against BREEDER/SELLER.
12. BREEDER/SELLER assumes no responsibility for pigment fade or beige color that may appear on the coat since the health of the dog is not affected (both can come and go with seasonal changes).
13. The GUARANTEE is void for the following: (1) BUYER fails to return a signed Guarantee/Contract to BREEDER/SELLER. (2) BUYER fails to comply with any condition of this contract. (3) The dog changes ownership. (4) The dog is bred before O.F.A. certification. (5) Evidence of abuse is present.
14. BREEDER/SELLER's liability is limited to no more than the purchase price of the puppy. BREEDER/SELLER reserves the right in all cases to a second opinion from a veterinarian of BREEDER/SELLER's choice. Guarantee will be honored (by individual contract) as long as VE-LIN'S is operational.
1. BUYER agrees to use VE-LIN'S as the first part of the dog's name on the AKC registration papers and will not alter, move, or remove any part of VE-LIN'S from the registration papers. Failure to comply with this requirement voids all guarantees and agreements.
2. BUYER agrees to comply with all requirements set forth under BREEDER/SELLER'S AGREEMENT above. Failure to comply with any one of these requirements may make this guarantee null and void.
3. BUYER agrees to inform Breeder/Seller of BUYER'S current address and phone number for the life of the dog.
4. BUYER agrees to notify the seller if, for any reason, the BUYER chooses not to keep the dog. The BREEDER/SELLER has first option to take the dog back. If BUYER places this puppy in another home, all guarantees are null and void.
5. BUYER agrees to O.F.A. certify a breed/show quality dog at the age of two years before breeding or using for stud service. BUYER also agrees to provide the BREEDER/SELLER a copy of O.F.A. results. This guarantee is terminated if the BUYER breeds a bitch or uses a male for stud service prior to O.F.A. certification.
6. BUYER agrees to spay/neuter a pet quality puppy prior to the age of one year.
7. BUYER agrees to maintain current vaccinations and preventive medical care, provide good quality food, and proper lodging for the dog
8. This contract/guarantee is for the original owner only and is non transferable.
9. Co-ownerships and Special Conditions Contracts will be stipulated in writing in this section.
10. BUYER is bound by the laws of SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY, CALIFORNIA and all legal actions must be processed and judged in that jurisdiction. BUYER hereby agrees to bear ALL LEGAL EXPENSES required to ENFORCE any part of this contract as evidenced by BUYER's signature below.
[ ] I have read the details of this contract and fully understand what I have read. I agree to abide by the conditions of this contract.

​Buyer _ _____________________________Date: ________________________

​Seller ______________________               Date: ________________________